Add a Professional Appearance to Your Office with Commercial Flooring

Jun 14, 2017

Commercial Concrete Flooring - Office


There are many things a business can do to make their office look more professional and flooring is one of them. Commercial flooring is a crucial component when...


Polished Concrete vs. Epoxy Floor Coating

May 17, 2017

Polished Concrete vs. Epoxy Floor Coating: which option is better for commercial flooring?

Looking for an ideal flooring system that fits both your facility and budget? When it comes to industrial...


Which industrial flooring solution to go with?

Apr 01, 2017

Whether you handle operations in a food processing plant or an industrial warehouse; the type of industrial flooring you choose will have a major impact on the everyday operations. Regardless, one would...


How to Keep your Polished Concrete Floors and Concrete Finishes Looking Good as New

Mar 02, 2017

Polishes concrete floors and concrete finishes are highly durable. Due to the polishing and densification process, these are among the most durable of floor finishes currently available. However, if your beautiful coloured concrete floors or...


Top 5 Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Feb 17, 2017

Polished concrete floors have come a long way from being regarded as ‘industrial’ and ‘un-refined’. Today, they are a highly trendy flooring option with a wide range of different applications and benefits in a number...


The Art of Coloured Concrete – Concrete Staining

Jan 01, 2017

Coloured concrete floors are a great option for beautiful floors. With staining, you can achieve a lovely richness in the finish of polished concrete floors. Paint produces a rather solid and opaque effect while stains...


3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Floors for Your Home

Nov 04, 2016

Coloured concrete floors, parquet floors, tiles and hardwood are just a few of the many varieties of floors available nowadays. Picking the right one to match your home can be a bit of a difficult...


All about Epoxy Flooring

Oct 22, 2016

If you are on the lookout for strong, easy to maintain and durable floors that still look amazing, epoxy flooring may be the perfect solution for you. Epoxy floors are not the most popular type...


The Process Behind Polished Concrete Floors and Concrete Finishes

Oct 16, 2016

Polished concrete floors, with their many fantastic applications, is a highly popular flooring choice today. This type of floors offers many advantages to homes, commercial establishments and even industrial buildings.

If you are thinking of...


How To Install Epoxy Floor Coating for a Garage

Sep 14, 2016

Epoxy floors are an ideal choice for garage floors. Although we don’t pay much attention to our garages, they do hold thousands of dollars’ worth of vehicles, tools and other items. Why...




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