Concrete Resurfacing – What is it, and consider it?

concrete resurfacing

Wollongong Concrete Resurfacing

Discolouration, cracks, and damaged, ugly concrete dissolve the beauty of any home or business. Not only does this affect the attractiveness of your house, but it also lowers the value of that house. Remember, the first impression matters, and people will judge your standards by the look of your driveway and property maintenance.

To change this look, you can opt to rip and replace your concrete. However, to save on time, money, and the environment, you should consider concrete resurfacing. This option allows you to clean up and restore your existing concrete with a design that you love and decorative finishes. You can apply this to your driveway, house surroundings, paths, entertainment area, and pool area.

Why resurfacing?

Besides saving you 3-5 times the cost of the concrete replacement option, the resurfacing option also eliminates the headaches that come with replacement. You won’t have to worry about plumbing and utility lines or finding thicker concrete than you expected. With concrete resurfacing, you eliminate surprises, general and hidden expenses from the process.

Cement resurfacing uses cementitious polymers that bond strongly to the existing substrate while also assisting with the flexibility of the concrete. These polymers are also durable, tough, and very weatherable. These features allow resurfacing to bring a complete transformation of your concrete.

How it works

A concrete resurfacing process takes place using the existing concrete area as the base. For the traditional messy, labor-intensive, and expensive concrete replacement process, you need to break and rip off old concrete, remove the rubbles, and finally pour new concrete on the surface.

The modern resurfacing process uses the old cracked concrete as the foundation. You recreate a beautiful surface out of it.

Preparing the existing concrete for resurfacing

Most people like taking shortcuts, and this is where things go wrong. If you seek to have a good resurfacing result, you have to prepare the surface well.

Start by cleaning out the surface, remove any loose concrete, and get rid of any debris around it. The most preferred way of doing this is using mechanical grinding. You can, however, also use pressure cleaning and acid washing. These methods sufficiently clean the surface in readiness for a perfect resurfacing process.

For any blemishes and cracks on the surface, use a crack repair system, expansion joints, or correct saw cuts to ensure that the surface is ready for the resurfacing coating.

Once you finish up, you can now proceed to apply the resurfacing material using a hopper gun. Evenly spray the surface for a beautiful non-slip finish. It will result in a beautiful new floor once the polymer cures.

The benefits of resurfacing

As earlier mentioned, with concrete resurfacing, you save on costs, labor expenses, time, and headaches from surprise unknowns that come with regular concrete repairs. A resurfaced floor is durable and can withstand wear and tear for many years. Finally, with resurfacing, you get the chance to define your desired outcome.

Final words

Concrete resurfacing is the best option for a quick and appealing worn-out floor repair. Unfortunately, this resurfacing does not solve underlying structural faults. A professional concrete resurfacing expert will always examine your concrete, then advises you if it needs repairs using this cost-effective option.

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