How To Install Epoxy Floor Coating for a Garage

Epoxy floors are an ideal choice for garage floors. Although we don’t pay much attention to our garages, they do hold thousands of dollars’ worth of vehicles, tools and other items. Why risk losing money and reducing the value of your home when you can install a protective epoxy floor to keep your belongings safe and your garage looking great.

Epoxy floors only take a few hours to install. They can provide a showroom look to your home but also has excellent functionality. A garage floor needs to resist oil stains and water, provide grip and still be easy to clean. Some parts of Australia have rather hot climates and epoxy floors need to be fitted to withstand the heat from the tyres which can lift the coating off.

The floor should be completely clean from all dust, dirt and particles. Professionals often use leaf blowers to get the floor completely clean. Then, the edge of the garage floor, baseboards and steps are taped to limit the epoxy covering. If your concrete floor has any damages or chips that need repairing, it is done before the epoxy covering is applied. If there are any oil and gas stains on the floor, they are removed by scrubbing with a degreaser and soapy water. Concrete etch and citric acid is applied on to the floor to create tiny groves that allow the epoxy to adhere to it. Some professionals use muriatic acid for the same purpose. However, it is a toxic and highly corrosive chemical. The floor is then rinsed with a hose and water or a pressure washer before drying completely.

The next step is to apply the epoxy. The mixture contains two chemicals that need to be applied on to the floor immediately after mixing together. It should first be applied to the trim areas. Typically, a 5cm brush is used to cover the trim areas and then, a standard paint roller can be used to cover the rest of the floor. You may use paint chips at this point. They can be tossed into the epoxy after it has been applied on to the floor. Only one coat is required to cover the floor. If you want great results with no complications, be sure to refrain from applying it on a windy day.

The next step is to simply allow the floor to dry. The great thing about epoxy floors is the fact that they dry to the touch within just a few hours. It is best to leave it to dry and harden overnight before walking on it. Additionally, depending on the product used the floors also need additional time to fully cure. The typical cure time is from 3 days up to a week.

Even the most expensive epoxy coating can peel and chip away if it is not properly installed. This is why you need the assistance of a quality flooring services provider such as Flash Flooring to help install epoxy floors property and with the employment of the right technique.