How to Maintain Marble Floors


Marble floors are en epitome of luxury and elegance. Regardless of the style of the interior design, marble flooring fits in perfectly. These floors can take the vibe and look of any room to a whole new level. Yes, marble flooring is an absolute perfection but in order to stay that way it needs proper maintenance. When you opt for marble floors, you also need to know how to take care of it properly. This post can help you out.

Clean regularly

Some types of flooring do not require too much maintenance. While natural marble flooring isn’t difficult to maintain, you do need to keep in mind it should be cleaned regularly. The more often you clean, the more beneficial it is for the floors. If you fail to clean marble floors regularly, it can increase the cost of professional maintenance.

Try to clean every day

Okay, we don’t mean you should thoroughly clean marble floors every single day. But, using a dry mop on a daily basis to keep dirt and grit off the floor is sufficient. Why do it? This simple action keeps marble shiny and prevents scratches. Instead of scratchy and stiff brooms, you should use dry microfiber mops. The softer, the better.

Clean spills immediately

Spills are bound to happen in every household. They’re not the end of the world, so you don’t need to worry. However, you should make sure to clean spills as soon as they happen. This is particularly the case with dark liquids such as wine and coffee. That’s why absorbent towels should be on hand at all times. When you clean spills immediately, you’ll prevent stains.

  • Avoid yellowing – limit marble’s exposure to moisture; particularly because some types of marble naturally contain iron, which will rust when exposed to water
  • Choose cleansers carefully – select cleansers that are specifically formulated to clean marble. Their pH should be neutral. Neutral pH prevents etching. When etching happens, usually caused by harsh and acidic cleansers, the shiny and polished surface is worn away thus increasing the risk of stains
  • Never vacuum – vacuuming scratches marble flooring easily
  • Place rugs strategically – the rugs should be inside exterior doors so that household members don’t take dirt inside. This prevents grit-related scratches
  • Prevent scratches and rust from metal furniture – make sure metal objects aren’t placed on marble for a long time. Keep in mind that metal scratches marble easily. It’s also important to mention that rusty metal stains marble. To avoid these problems you should place felt protectors under metal furniture

Marble flooring requires proper maintenance, but to avoid stains and scratches you need to make sure to choose professional marble flooring Wollongong service.