The Pros and Cons of Marble Flooring

The Pros and Cons of Marble Flooring

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Marble Flooring Wollongong

Marble is a beautiful yet cheaper alternative to natural stone flooring. The type of stone is a result of the metamorphism process of limestone. Marble comes out beautiful, and eye-catching when used on floors.

However, just like any other building material, marble has both pros and cons. You must get to know these before deciding to use them in your building process. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of marble flooring in Wollongong.

Marble Flooring Pros

Natural Aesthetics

The process that marble goes through during its natural formation period brings out the beautiful final product. A floor made with marble becomes a focal point that gives a warm look to your house.


Tiles and slabs made of marble come out very unique. Each piece is unique. The veins and grains in marble stones bring out very distinct designs and patterns.


The different varieties of marble come in different shades and colors that allow you to create unique styles for your floor. You can have various designs like subway, herringbone, mosaic, stack bind, and diamond. Your creativity is your limit when working with marble.

Natural Translucency

Marble has a translucent top layer that allows light to penetrate it to some level. When properly polished, the plastic-like glossy top layer glows to sun rays when hit at certain angles. It makes marble very ideal for decorations and artistic purposes.

Climate Resistant

Floors made of marble can practically withstand any kind of weather. The whiteness of marble reflects hot sun rays like a mirror keeping the floor cool. On the other hand, proper sealing and coating of marble make it waterproof to rain and snow.


Different polishing treatments can be easily adapted to marble tiles and slabs. This allows it to be crafted into elegant surfaces. It can also adopt different finishes for great looks and non-slip properties.

Marble Paving Cons

Acid Sensitive

Limestone, which is the foundation of marble, easily reacts with acids. This means that if vinegar or lemon juice comes into contact with marble, it can permanently stain it.

Surface Scratching

Another downside to marble is that it is soft. It can be easily scratched during polishing or from animal paws. This makes it better suited for interior flooring as opposed to exterior paving.

Replacement Challenges

Having unique patterns and designs marble becomes very difficult to replace. The replacement can be in case a part of it breaks, gets damaged, or needs repair.


Marble is a very delicate material that requires to be handled professionally. An expert should work on the planning, application, and sealing of marble to bring out the desired pattern or design.


Finally, marble is not the best choice if you are on a tight budget. It is a premium architectural choice. The installation costs also do not help, making the use of marble quite an expensive affair.


All said marble is the perfect material to use for great aesthetics within your house floor. However, avoid it if you are looking at your home exterior decoration ideas. Make sure you have a good budget to when considering marble.

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