marble flooring wollongong

Marble Flooring Wollongong

Do you have a marble floor in your home? Do you want it polished professionally, or are you considering polishing it yourself? In any case, you will benefit from reading this article.

Marble floors, without a doubt, provide a touch of luxury to any house or company. That said, there are a few common issues with having a marble floor; Some of these issues including staining, water rings, and a progressive loss of shine.

If you want to keep your marble floor from succumbing to everyday wear and tear, polishing it is a good idea. Below are some tips on how to polish and take care of such a marble floor.

Useful Tips on Marble Floor Polishing

Purchase a carpet or rug

To save time and lessen the polishing frequency, invest in a carpet or rug. A carpet/rug preserves your marble floor throughout the day.

Main entrance areas, pathways, and kitchen floors are typically high-damage areas, and a decent carpet can help avoid damage in the first place, decreasing the need to polish.

Use microfibre mops or a vacuum with a brush head for dusting

To maintain the marble’s luster and condition, dust it as regularly as possible. This avoids dust accumulation. When dust accumulates, it traps sand and dirt particles which can scrape the floor when stepped on.

If you use microfibre mops on even the cleanest-looking floors, you’ll notice that they produce a lot of dust.

Always wet mop the floor with PH-neutral chemicals. However, dry mop before the wet mop exercise. Wet mopping alone cannot capture all of the dust and will, instead, push it into grouts and corners.

Invest in a decent sealer

Marble, as previously mentioned, loses its luster over time. While this may not appear to be a significant concern at first, you’ll be at a loss when anything is dumped on your floor, and you remain with a huge, unsightly stain.

Even if you polish your floor, it won’t always be as glossy or as protected as you want it to be. Combine polishing with a sealer because this will ensure that your floor is at its finest.

Consider hiring a professional

Although saving money by doing it yourself can save you money, you may not have enough time, skill, or expertise to do it well.

Fortunately, you can enlist the help of a professional or a team of experts at Flash Flooring. Doing so allows you to go about your routine while your flooring is polished and cared for.

However, be advised that it may cost you extra money because you will be paying for our specialists’ time as well as the equipment we will use.

When choosing a marble floor polishing company, make sure that they have experience polishing marble stone, as well as a portfolio of prior work to show you. If they lack these qualities, they may not be trustworthy.


One of the most stunning things you can choose for your home is marble flooring. However, it is not without its drawbacks. When it isn’t polished often or polished well, it can lose its luster, start yellowing, and discolor.