All about Commercial Epoxy Flooring in Wollongong

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Wollongong

Commercial Epoxy Flooring in Wollongong

Epoxy flooring is defined as a form of synthetic resin floor system laid on top of concrete substrates for decorative and protective purposes. These particular systems often feature several layers of thermosetting resin.

This type of flooring is necessary because industrial floors in factories and warehouses and flooring in commercial kitchens need to be low maintenance, hard-wearing, and durable. Although the polished concrete floors seem like a good idea, epoxy flooring is a far better option.

Not only does epoxy flooring deliver a polished concrete look, but it is also low maintenance and more resistant to spills, chemicals, and continuous foot traffic in industrial or commercial property.

Indeed, the advantages of epoxy floors are numerous. Below, you can see why this type of flooring is an ideal choice.

Heavy resistance to chemicals

Probably the most significant advantage of the epoxy floors is their high resistance to stains and chemicals. For that reason, this kind of flooring is a popular option for commercial kitchens, warehouses, laboratories, and other environments where work with chemicals is involved. The epoxy coating provides protection from corrosion that acids and harsh chemicals would induce otherwise.

High resistance to pathogens

Pathogens such as bacteria, germs, and mold are almost everywhere. They easily multiply and spread thus causing danger in the workplace. However, it’s possible to minimise their growth. Epoxy flooring is a great choice here. This type of flooring is resistant to the growth of bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms. As a result, epoxy floors are suitable for sterile environments including clinics and hospitals.

Low maintenance

Commercial and industrial environments require practicality for proper functioning. High-maintenance machines and floors are never a good idea. An important advantage of epoxy flooring is that they don’t need too much maintenance. It’s easy to wipe away minor spills. Cleaning these floors is easy and they’re dust-proof.


Flooring in commercial or industrial property is an investment. In some cases, this investment doesn’t pay off because floors are easily damaged and require constant repairs. With epoxy floors that is not the case. Since epoxy is a strong material, it can easily withstand heavy loads and a high volume of foot traffic while remaining in perfect condition at all times. This material is difficult to chip or scratch.

No slipping

Epoxy flooring is resistant to slipping. That means it’s easier to prevent slips and falls or other accidents at the workplace. In other words, epoxy flooring greatly improves the safety of employees.

Other benefits

Besides the above mentioned advantages, other benefits of epoxy flooring are also worth addressing. For example, this kind of flooring is heat resistant and waterproof. Plus, epoxy floors are available in various colors and patterns.

As you can see, commercial epoxy flooring is a wise choice for any industrial, clinical, and commercial setting. Not only does it provide a smooth and elegant appearance, but also improves safety and it’s easy to maintain. Don’t wait. Contact us to find out more about commercial epoxy flooring in Wollongong and see what we can do for you.