Different Types of Polished Concrete Floors


Polished concrete floors are a great choice for a range of different purposes. Concrete driveways, shiny commercial floors and even industrial grade garage floors all work wonders. There is a wide variety of concrete finishes that provide durability, a great appearance and ease of maintenance. Here are a few popular concrete floor types that can be used in many different parts of your home, commercial establishment or even at your industrial space.

Important note

Depending on the diamond grit used to polish a concrete floor, varying different finishes such as a glassy mirror finish, a sturdy matte finish or a lovely sheen can be achieved. In addition, polished concrete floor layers also use different levels of aggregate exposure to achieve a full aggregate look all the way to a creamy finish.

Cream polish

This is the smoothest and most consistent finish that you can achieve from polished concrete floors. Coloured concrete finishes can also be achieved with the cream polish as it readily accepts dyes and stains with greater consistency.

Salt and pepper polish

This is one of the most common and most easily achievable type of polished concrete floor out there.  This type of concrete floor finish also accepts stains and holds a nice shine. In some parts of the floor, some small holes and little cracks may be visible in the finished product. These little imperfections add to the look and create something shiny and unique.

Aggregate polish

In comparison to the salt and pepper polish and cream polish, the aggregate polish look is the least sought after polished concrete variety. This is due to the extra cost. However, when done right by professionals with the right skills, an aggregate polish floor can look absolutely wonderful and can be used in a variety of settings.

In reality, these different concrete finishes can be chosen as per your preferences and depending on whether it is suitable for the purpose. Depending on the condition of the floor, there may be some limitations as to what type of finish you can achieve. For instance, a cream polish cannot be achieved successfully on a floor which had coatings or glue on it. In order to install a cream polish, these coatings need to be removed with grinding. The glue, along with the cream can be lifted off the floor during the grinding process. If you are dealing with a fully qualified concrete floor professional, they will take a look at your floor and provide you with realistic details to help you set the right expectations.

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