Factors that Determine the Price of Polished Concrete Floors


So you decided to go for polished concrete floors, but want to know more about the budget? When you look it up online the subject becomes even more confusing. That’s a common problem that many people face when they’re trying to find prices for polished concrete floors Wollongong area. Many businesses provide expensive service but the quality of performed work doesn’t match the price. Then, there are some cheap service options but many of them don’t pay attention to quality which explains why they don’t progress and evolve. In these situations, a business never fully explains how much they charge for the service.

But, Flash Floorings is entirely different which is why we’re going to explain factors that determine the price of polished concrete floors. These factors include:

  • Quality of existing concrete floor – a big role in the price for polished concrete floors plays the quality of existing floor. For example, floors that are well-kept and maintained properly are easier to work with, hence the price is lower. On the flip side, floors that aren’t in good condition will need to get more work done prior to polishing which is why the price may be higher.


  • Repairs – this factor goes hand in hand with the first one. In many cases, floors need some repairs before the actual polishing process. Repairs relating to cracks, missing stones, and large holes need some time to complete. Small repairs have lower prices, while more complicated repairs are a bit higher.


  • Type of finish required – this polished concrete floors Wollongong company provides various finishes to make sure polished concrete floors suit your needs and requirements. Some finishes are more complex and take longer than others which can influence the price.


  • Size of the area – of course, an important factor for the pricing is the actual size of the area where concrete polishing will be performed. Smaller areas cost lower than larger ones

Although different factors influence the price of concrete floor polishing with Flash Floorings one thing is for sure – we provide a high-quality service that matches everyone’s budget. All you need is to contact us.