How to Keep your Polished Concrete Floors and Concrete Finishes Looking Good as New


Polishes concrete floors and concrete finishes are highly durable. Due to the polishing and densification process, these are among the most durable of floor finishes currently available. However, if your beautiful coloured concrete floors or decorative concrete surfaces are not properly maintained, they can lose their lovely shine. This is especially true if we consider polished concrete floors in commercial and retail facilities or in high traffic areas in residential properties. However, there is good news! It is a well-known fact that polished concrete floors are much easier to maintain in comparison to other types of decorative floor types. They do not require sealers or waxing and routine maintenance can even be performed without the aid of a professional.

When it comes to routine maintenance, running a dust mop over the surface on a daily basis is adequate to prevent the build-up of grime and to remove dirt. About once a week, you may want to consider mopping the floor with a wet mop. Clean water with a floor cleaner is adequate for removing any built-up dirt and grime. Automatic floor scrubbers, fitted with soft, non-abrasive pads can be used effectively to clean larger floor areas. Even with regular dust mopping, small dust particles may still remain stuck to the floor to cause eventual discolouration and abrasions. Should anything spill on the floor, be sure to remove it immediately to make sure that it doesn’t get absorbed into the surface to become a tough or permanent stain. When using a cleaner, allow it some time to break down the dust, dirt, grime and grease. Applying a cleaning agent and immediately removing it won’t allow it adequate time to remove the dirt. Take note that polished concrete floors are susceptible to drying if the cleaning agents are left on the floors for too long. In order to avoid this, clean small areas and clean them completely before moving on to the next area.

Flash Flooring specialises in the installation of polished concrete. According to the concrete specialists at Flash Flooring, it is recommended that you use ph neutral cleaners to maintain polished concrete surfaces. Cleaners that are too alkaline or acidic may cause the shine of the floors to become dull and deteriorate it. It is also recommended that a very soft pad is used to clean the polished surfaces without resulting in scratches. The wrong type of floor pad can also damage the surface of the floor. Depending on how much traffic the floor sees, the frequency of cleaning will have to be increased. Needless to say, floors that see a lot of traffic will need more frequent and diligent cleaning.