Top 5 Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors have come a long way from being regarded as ‘industrial’ and ‘un-refined’. Today, they are a highly trendy flooring option with a wide range of different applications and benefits in a number of different settings. Coloured concrete and decorative concrete floors are just a few types of concrete finishes that are popularly used in residential and commercial properties. In reality, concrete floors are beautiful, elegant and carry a certain rustic charm about them.

If you are wondering about installing polished concrete floors in your home, consider these 5 benefits that you will inevitably get to enjoy.


Polished concrete floors are the ultimate sustainable floor option. If you are using an existing concrete slab, you don’t need new materials and can use the concrete as a base to build your beautiful new floor. Additionally, polished concrete floors work in just about any part of a home. They can look absolutely beautiful in a living room, a traditional kitchen, bedroom and even in bathrooms.

Cost efficiency

A typical concrete floor costs around $2 – $6 a square foot for a plain grey slab with a lovely shine. Compared to other floor types, this is definitely a most cost efficient choice. Needless to say, despite the low cost, the floors look absolutely stunning with their stone-like finish, natural feel and the beautiful colour. One can also choose to dress up the floors with coloured finishes and other enhancements without having to spend a fortune. The more elaborate finishes can cost up to $8 per square foot. Decorative effects such as grid pattern lines scored in along with a high-gloss seal can make the floor look similar to limestone.


Did you know that a polished concrete floor can last up to 100 years or more? The beautiful shine of the floor, when maintained with a regular cleaning regimen can be an asset to any home. Even the aged and cracked appearance has a lovely rustic charm that is at the height of popularity nowadays. Needless to say, even a few decades later, the floors will still be a great design element to a home due to their timeless elegance.

Easy maintenance

Think about the amount of maintenance a lovely hardwood floor needs. When you compare a polished concrete floor, you only need a fraction of that maintenance to keep the floor looking shiny and as good as new. Polished concrete experts such as Flash Flooring recommend installing a baseboard along with the concrete floor to facilitate mopping, which is pretty much sufficient to keep the floor clean and free from stains, dust and grime.


Polished concrete floors can be used, to great success, in both indoor and outdoor spaces. If you are planning on installing one in an outdoor space, consider a silicone-based penetrating sealer to prevent water from causing problems. Concrete is also a great choice for indoor-outdoor transition areas. The neutral and timeless quality of polished concrete floors makes them a great choice with a variety of decorative themes. Oriental rugs, fluffy faux floor carpets, rustic stone walls and sleek, modern furniture all go great with polished concrete floors.