Why Polished Concrete Floors Are a Great Design Choice


Wood, carpets and tiles have long been a staple for many residential and other establishments. However, as of recent times, polished concrete floors have caught the eyes of innovative designers. And why not? Concrete floors are excellent for high traffic areas. They are low maintenance, affordable, versatile and last for decades.

Concrete is a natural concrete material which is made from an aggregate such as river stones, rocks and granite chips which are combined with a cement binder and water. Cement and concrete are not to be confused. Cement is actually a component of concrete. When it comes to polished concrete floors, the typically rough surface of concrete is transformed into a smooth, glossy and beautiful surface with the aid of a concrete densifier. This is a chemical that is applied all over a concrete surface in order to fill the pores in. When the surface is prepared and dried completely, the floor is ground with grinding tools repeatedly until the desired finish is achieved. During the grinding process, different grinding tools that get progressively finer are used. This is why polished concrete floors are measured in finished and grades. This means, the higher the grade, the larger the exposed aggregates and the higher the finish the smoother and shinier the polish. Once the concrete surface is polished, it needs to be sealed for added protection against water, pet stains and oil. Sealing polished concrete floors is a very easy process that is done by the application of a sealing product. In order to keep the floors looking good as new, the sealing product needs to be applied every two, three years. Once polished and sealed, the concrete floor is complete. Maintenance is simple with these floors as all you need to do is to run a dust mop to catch the dust particles and to mop with a gentle cleaning product. You can ask for recommendations for these from your polished concrete floor installer.

Aside from cost effectiveness and durability, polished concrete floors are also highly popular due to their strikingly modern appearance. Concrete floors are ideal for large open spaces to attain a unique aesthetic and to reduce the hassle of maintenance. In addition, with spaces that are more open to nature being popular, polished concrete floors also allow designers a great deal of freedom with their seamless exterior to interior transition. Let’s not forget about the thermal conducting properties of concrete which go hand-in-hand with modern floor heating systems that efficiently heat up a larger surface area.

Needless to say, the possibilities of polished concrete floors are nearly endless. There is a wide range of possibilities with different floor colours, textures and finishes as well as different applications. For instance, polished concrete floors can be installed in all indoor spaces including bathrooms as well as outdoor spaces which are exposed to the elements. In addition to colours and textures, the floors can also be enhanced by adding aggregates such as marbles, stones and pieces of glass. If you are hoping to get a beautiful polished concrete floor installed at your home or commercial establishment, be sure to contact us today, at Flash Flooring for competitive rates and an unbeatable finish.