Woolongong Concrete Polishing Magic

Well, what a winter so far and the team from Flash flooring have been on the road all around Australia servicing far and wide. One of our favourite things to do in the warmer weather is the BIG Wollongong Commercial Concrete Polishing jobs like this one. Like this job the sun was high and everybody was really happy and who wouldn’t be the finish is just pure magic.  Flash flooring has the advantage no other commercial concrete polishing company has and it is ours not so secret weapon the HTC 1500. It is one of a kind in Australia and is a beast that eats concrete for breakfast and leaves baby smooth finish. When looking at large jobs you need to ask.

What is the pricing per square meter for commercial concrete polishing?

What is the lifetime warranty with concrete polishing?

Do you need to do maintenance on concrete polishing?

What is the wear layer rating on your epoxy finishes?

Ask to see their portfolios and perhaps even a reference of the particular finish you are looking at. This is not just for concrete polishing this is for any trade really. It always pays, in the end, to do your due diligence, as it will save you a world of pain if it doesn’t go well. Like us, we try out our new brands of finishes or tools before we head out on jobs so there are no surprises on surfaces and finishes. It depends on the time of year and moisture in the air as to drying times so you really need to know your stuff. One set of doggy footprints through a sparkling finish is heartbreaking so also be prepared with pets and children when undertaking a polished finish.