10 Reasons Why Polished Concrete Floors Are Better Than Other Flooring Options


Nowadays, polished concrete flooring is thought to be the most efficient solution for both industrial and residential applications. Not only is it durable and stain-resistant, but also very appealing to the eye because of its light-reflective properties. And today, it is one of the most preferred flooring options partly due to its aesthetics, and partly due to the high advantages polished concrete offers. Let’s take a closer look at what polished concrete actually is.

What Is Polished Concrete?

Basically, polished concrete is concrete treated with a specific concrete densifier that fills the pores contributing to smooth aesthetics. Grinding tools are then used to get the much-wanted shininess and a light-reflective effect. It is up to the customer to choose whether he wants a more exposed aggregate or a shinier polish.

Polished Concrete Floor Benefits

Polished concrete has lots of benefits that make it stand out from other flooring options. Considering the modern technology used in transforming concrete into a very smooth and aesthetically pleasant flooring, customers have the chance to benefit from the following features:

– Polished Concrete Is Very Durable A particularly good thing about polished concrete is that it is very strong, and won’t be affected by heavy foot traffic. Damage to the flooring is pretty much impossible, and no scratches or chips can affect its aesthetics.

– Polished Concrete Has A Long Life-Span
Another great advantage of polished concrete is its long life-cycle lasting up to 10 years without any major maintenance if it was appropriately installed and maintained during the decade. In the majority of cases, it has a greater life cycle than carpeting or even wood laminate.

– Polished Concrete Is Affordable
Undoubtedly, this is contributes to polished concrete being one of the most widely spread flooring options these days. Its affordability is high, but it still depends on the level of difficulty and whether you already have a slab concrete that only needs staining and finishing.

– Polished Concrete Has A Low Maintenance
Polished concrete doesn’t need any kind of major maintenance except for daily sweeping and mopping so as to avoid dirt accumulation. If you have a high gloss floor finish, you will want to damp mop it from time to time. This will ensure the gloss doesn’t go away.

– Polished Concrete Works Well With Radiant Floor Heating Systems
A great thing about polished concrete is that it can be easily used with radiant floor heating systems due to its great thermal conducting properties.

– Polished Concrete Doesn’t Use Any Hazardous Chemicals
It is undoubtedly an environmentally friendly flooring option that doesn’t use any hazardous chemicals, adhesives or cleaners in its installation or maintenance. Some other great benefits include resistance to moisture (if appropriately sealed and finished), abrasion resistance and enhanced ambient lighting.

Is Polished Concrete An Economical Option?

It is widely believed that polished concrete, unlike some other flooring types, is the most economical option both for residential and commercial applications. The cost per square meter might range from $2 up to $30 depending on several factors such as:

– whether you already have a slab concrete or not
– the grade of the aggregate
– the polishing procedure

Besides that, this flooring option has the lowest maintenance costs that won’t need major fixes or transformations for as long as a decade, if it was properly installed and polished.

Flash Flooring Services

Nowadays, it is rather hard to find a reliable service that will offer you high-quality solutions at an affordable price. However, when it comes to polished concrete solutions, there is one particular service that stands out from the rest. It is Flash Flooring service that has built a huge reputation both offline and online for offering high-quality polished concrete residential and commercial solutions in Australia.

Flash Flooring puts a high emphasis on building a trustful relationship with the client. Whether you have a slab concrete you want to transform into a smooth and high-gloss flooring option, or you want the full package (supply, installation and polishing), Flash Flooring will ensure you have one of the best experiences with getting a new floor for your residential or commercial space.
What Flash Flooring offers is a selection of polished concrete floor such as:

HTC Superfloors

1.Platinum – It is intended for those who want a high-gloss appearance, and it includes lots of grinding stages to ensure you get the desirable effect.

2.Gold – It is intended for those who want a less-ballast appearance achieved by less grinding but with the same glossy effect.

3.Silver – It includes lots of grinding stages but no polishing. The final result is a matt surface finish.

4.Bronze – It includes the least amount of grinding and polishing, except for the top layer. The final result is less concrete exposed and a shiny appearance.

Sealed Exposed Concrete

The main effect is a polished stone look with aggregate exposed for a more pleasing appearance.

You are highly encouraged to get to know more about Flash Flooring as well as find out about the high-quality polished concrete solutions if offers. Undoubtedly, there is no other company on the entire Australian continent as reliable and experienced as Flash Flooring. The team is made of highly skilled professionals with years of knowledge and practical experience in this domain. And they are here to help you improve the appearance of your residence or commercial property by providing you with the best polished concrete solutions in the area.

Polished concrete is your ultimate flooring option you have to take into consideration firstly because of its smooth and visually appealing appearance, and secondly, due to its cost-effectiveness. These days, polished concrete happens to be a much cheaper flooring option than marble or granite overlays, which you can say are pretty outdated. Our goal is to let people know about the existence of an affordable and efficient flooring system that may be used by a large number of customers with minimum levels of budgeting!

From quite some time now, polished concrete floors have become undoubtedly the most popular and widely spread flooring option used for residential, commercial and industrial spaces. Today, as the need arises, more and more contractors spring up on the global marketplace claiming to offer high-quality polished concrete flooring solutions at an economical price. The growing popularity of polished concrete floors is mainly attributed to the lots of benefits polished concrete floors offer. If you are thinking which flooring option to go for, you should definitely give some thought to polished concrete floors. And here are 10 reasons why polished concrete floors are better than other flooring options available today.

Very Versatile

Unlike some other flooring options such as hardwood or ceramic tile, you could use polished concrete floors pretty much everywhere from residential to commercial and industrial spaces. More than that, they are highly recommended by professionals who know everything about flooring systems and the environments they work best in.

High Durability And Sustainability

Polished concrete floors have a higher durability and sustainability than any other flooring option such as linoleum, vinyl flooring or ceramic tile. Polished concrete floors can usually last up to 10 years with minimum maintenance and breakage by impact.


Polished concrete floors don’t require hazardous chemicals used in the installation and maintenance. It permits no mold, mildew or allergens to accumulate on the surface. Besides, they are energy efficient. The heat accumulated from the rays of sun or light can greatly reduce energy consumption and lower the bills. Not to mention that polished concrete floors improve indoor air.

Economical Option

Unlike other flooring options such as hardwood, vinyl flooring or laminate, polished concrete flooring is the most affordable option. The cost per square meter will differ based on the total area as well as the customer’s wishes. If the property already has a slab concrete but only requires polishing to be done, the costs will be minimal.

Sophistication & Aesthetics

Undoubtedly, polished concrete floors are nr 1 flooring options to choose if you want to provide the interior of the property with a pleasant visual appearance. The smooth, high-gloss look of the floor will provide the building with finesse and sophistication. Not to mention that the glossy flooring that resembles a polished stone reflects the light in a very appealing manner. Nowadays, it is one of the top choices for such institutions as hotels, theaters, museums as well as high-class residences.

Low Maintenance

Polished concrete floors are one of the easiest flooring options to maintain. Sweeping and mopping, occasionally damp mopping, are the only cleaning activities you will want to engage in so as to preserve the high gloss and prevent the accumulation of dirt on the flooring surface. If the floors are proficiently installed and polished, you won’t need to worry about re-polishing the surface too soon. Ten years is a guarantee that your floors will look great with minimum care!

Mark & Stain Free

Polished concrete floors have by far the best protection against any kinds of stains and marks. That is why it is great for commercial and residential applications, more and more facilities and warehouses opting for polished concrete flooring instead of other types of flooring options. One particularly great advantage is that it leaves no tire marks or scratches at all.

Enhanced Ambient Lighting

If you choose polished concrete floors for your residence or commercial space, be ready to have a very good lighting inside. The smooth and shiny surface will absorb the light and illuminate the rooms by 30 %.

Available For Immediate-Use

Since no chemicals are used in the installation and polishing of the concrete floors, there will be no problem putting into service the already polished areas. Especially when it comes to such institutions as hospitals, hypermarkets or production plants where safety is of huge importance, polished concrete floor areas could be immediately used without any worries.

No Waxing Needed

Given that concrete floors are polished for a better appearance and functionality, there will be absolutely no need at all to wax or strip the surface, which will save you lots of headaches with the maintenance in the future.

Where To Find Professional Polished Concrete Flooring Solutions?

If you would like to learn more about the most professional polished concrete flooring solutions in your area, we highly encourage you to try out Flash Flooring – one of the most popular and highly acclaimed services of the kind in Australia!

Flash Flooring offers you the chance to save some good money while getting the best polished concrete floors in a very short period of time. The experts working at Flash Flooring have vast knowledge in this domain and can totally elevate your experience.

Sometimes, it is rather hard to stumble upon a very good service that puts an emphasis on honesty and building a network of satisfied clients. This is Flash Flooring’s main goal – to build a community of clients through hard work and efficiency! They put at your disposal several types of polished concrete floors to choose from. Whether you want very glossy or less glossy floors, with exposed or unexposed aggregate, at Flash Flooring you will be able to select the most appropriate type of polished concrete floors that will satisfy your wishes and needs. Remember that polished concrete floors should only be installed if they offer 100% functionality for your needs!

Now that you’ve got acquainted with the 10 reasons why polished concrete floors are better than other flooring options, and you’ve found out about the most proficient and skilled contractors in Australia offering top-notch polished concrete solutions, we highly encourage you to request a quote and commence with the improvement of the visual appearance of your residential or commercial property right now! We guarantee that you are going to have the best experience in case that you decide to hire their reliable polished concrete flooring solutions today!