7 Reasons Polished Concrete Makes Healthy Flooring

Gary Heiler - Monday, July 27, 2020
7 Reasons Polished Concrete Makes Healthy Flooring


  • 1.Get Rid of Sneezing: If you suffer from dust allergy and chronic sneezing because of wall to wall carpeting, then Industrial polished concrete floors Wollongong can give you relief. Carpets can be a main source of pollen, dust mites and other allergens that can contribute to your sufferings. Concrete floors are great options in this regard for ease of maintenance and for its repulsive nature to allergens.
  • 2.Enhance Indoor Air Quality: Exposure to toxic molds contribute to severe respiratory illnesses and chronic infections. Unlike carpets that are made of natural fibers, Wollongong Marble polishing do not support mold growth. Thus, you can enhance the air quality of your home significantly.
  • 3.Stop air-blown dust: Industrial polished concrete floors Wollongong is great to use with energy efficient radiant in floor heating systems. With radiant heating, you can keep the floor warm and clean. Also, it will help balance the temperature to save up more utility usage. With radiant heating, there is no possibility of dirt getting back to your floors or interiors.  
  • 4.Reduction of Exposure to Toxic Chemicals: Majority are concerned about outdoor air quality. However, indoor air quality can have a similar, if not greater, impact on your health. Since we spend most of the time at home, it is imperative to ensure safe and healthy air at our premises. Carpeting materials can emit volatile organic chemicals that can create health hazards. Industrial polished concrete floors Wollongong are health alternative as they do not emit harmful VOCs. They are also very popular for easy maintenance.  
  • 5.Pet Friendliness:You should care to improve they air quality of your home not only for you but also for your pets which are an integral part of your family. Your pets’ paws can be contacted directly with the floor materials. Thus, your pets can be exposed to the harmful materials emitted by carpeting materials. On the other hand, tiled floors can be a far safer options for your pets.  
  • 6.Enhance Outlook:Wollongong Marble polishing can enhance the outlook of your interior with its light reflective features. Thus, it can introduce light into your interior and can have a longer lasting impact on your physical and mental health. When you have light-reflecting marble floors, you will less feel the need of artificial light at night. Bright and shiny surface can look great than a dull surface.  
  • 7.Add Personal Look: You can add marble floor depending on your personality which can bolster your mental health. With Industrial polished concrete floors Wollongong, you can add a variety of custom effects as per your taste and mood.  


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