Concrete Polished Floors are Great for families


I was talking with a potential new client the other day and she had done extensive research into what flooring she would like. The possibilities are endless but she was going for the family modern industrial look, so an urban touch of industrial type furniture with plush soft furnishings. This is a large family home with wide open spaces so flooring was always going to be a major expense.

She had been to pinterest and made boards of everything she had liked. Then as all good renovators should she got quotes for the looks she liked. So a floating floor specialist starts at a minimum of $100 per square to lay wood flooring, then you can pull it down to vinyl planks or vinyl sheets but then you start to lose the look you were going for. Tilers were next but the only tiles she liked started at $80 per square meter and then approximately $100 per meter to lay.

But still not getting the look she was looking for so after approximately 5 months of pinterest and 8 quotes she decided that polished concrete was the go. She was in a sub-tropical city climate so she liked the dark stain and polish idea on her 1985 poured concrete. After many to and fro conversations and 2 months to think about it, we decided to go with industrial polished concrete in all the living spaces, laundry and kitchen area. Polished concrete is fully washable and hardwearing and our feedback from families is that matchbox cars fly on the Industrial polished concrete which is always a bonus!

Concrete polished floors are great for families as they are hardwearing and the kids can play on the mats in each room which contains the famous toy spread to just that area. A large light airy space with white walls and dark floors have always been a favourite of this interior designer. They promote a relaxing modern look without being too sterile and certainly the beautiful floors are a talking point with all the guests. I highly recommend them as a new and exiting feature to any home.