Polished Concrete Floors Wollongong


Polished Concrete Floors Wollongong

Considering getting polished concrete floors but still aren’t sure whether it’s a good choice or not? We totally understand it’s perfectly natural to wonder whether you’re making the right decision. This is especially the case with major changes in the environment and let’s be honest, changing the flooring is definitely a big change. If you’re looking for polished concrete floors Wollongong area then you’ll be happy to know it’s easy to get the best service and perfect result with Flash Floorings.

Easy to clean

When it comes to architecture it doesn’t get much more basic than concrete and that’s why we love it. Polished concrete is not an exception. Once it is polished and sealed, concrete doesn’t require a lot of maintenance effort. That’s why this type of flooring is ideal for both residential and commercial properties. Nobody wants a floor that requires a lot of maintenance effort because it costs a lot in the long run. All you need is to mop the floor with soapy water once a week to keep it clean and that’s it. Easy, isn’t it? It’s also possible to spot clean the floor with a rag if mopping isn’t necessary.

Low allergy risk

Allergies are common which is why it’s particularly important to pay attention to the environment where you live or work. Dust mites are major allergens and some types of floors can increase them, thus elevating the risk of allergies in people. What makes polished concrete floors such a great idea is that they reduce dust mites and other allergens. That way, these floors protect your health.


Polished concrete floor is hard-wearing and it is able to maintain its pristine appearance for a long period of time compared to some softer surfaces such as hardwood which tends to dent or chip. When well-maintained, polished concrete can last for decades or even longer than that. That means if you invest in polished concrete floors now you’ll be all set for years to come.

Not slippery

Accidents happen in a matter of seconds so it’s important to ensure your home or commercial property is safe for everyone. Yet another reason why polished concrete floors are a great idea is the fact they are not slippery. Sure, they look shiny and may seem like you’re going to slip and fall, but the reality is that these floors are safe and are way less slippery than waxed linoleum and polished marble floors.

Fits in easily

We all pay attention to interior design but most people completely overlook the floors. Let’s not make that mistake, shall we? Polished concrete floors can be made in different colors to fit into any interior you like. This is a great way to style your property into something you have truly envisioned.

It’s not that difficult to find polished concrete floors Wollongong service that will turn your decision into an amazing investment. Flash Floorings is the go-to place for all floor-related needs. Contact us to learn more.